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In this quick tip, I’ll show you how to increase the size of the sample window within the material editor and change it to see GI and soft shadows. I’ve personally been using this a lot¬†recently¬†after a colleague showed me and can’t believe I’ve never seen it being used before.

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  • Hello my name is jackson, i am currently in 9th grade and for the last year or so i have really gotten into motion graphics. You said your colleague showed you something so I assume that you work with this stuff. I have been doing all of the school graphics for everything broadcast, and sports and i feel i have a general idea on what to do. That is until i watch something like you videos on making things like the neon sign with the scripts you typed in. I do not really understand any of that. I am sorry i had to bore you with all of that but my question was how did you learn all of this, and with 4 years left till i go to collage/university what should i do to become a good graphics person? If that makes sense. The general question is how should i become better at cinema 4d. I really appreciate you taking the time to read this and any response would be great. Thanks for the great vids and files.
    Jackson P

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