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As the name suggests, Light Tunnel is a multi-purpose tunnel rig, filled wall to wall with hundreds or thousands of lights that can be manipulated, twisted and coloured to your will and design.

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The Xpresso based Light Tunnel allows you to change a plethora of options and settings using the highly accessible user interface.

  • Full control over light shape, size and spacing. Add as many or as few lights as your design and render time determines.
  • Twist, bend, snake, re-size, re-shape and rotate the tunnel as you see fit. all fully animatable for awesome results
  • Use the tunnel as a lighting studio with a single tick-box that adds a floor for your product.
  • Colour or tint the tunnel your way with an easy and simple gradient map and control over the lights glow intensity and distance
  • Enable realistic reflections and blur for added realism



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This is my very first piece of premium content, and also very much an experiment in trying to recoup some money that goes into making and maintaining this website (the same sob story you’ve probably heard a few hundred times). As such I have decided to initially try the “Pay What You Want” pricing strategy which pretty much hinges on your generosity and good will towards man, so please don’t let humanity down.

I’m looking to update and improve in the near future so I really want to hear whatever feedback you have about this, good or bad. And please post links to any work you’ve used this in I’d love to get a image library below this post showing your images and projects.







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